We believe that if children learn to be self-starters from a young age, they’ll be better equipped to ‘make their own luck’ in life, and that nature provides some of the best examples of characteristics such as innovation, creative problem solving, adaptability, overcoming adversity and sheer perseverance. We believe children need support and freedom to develop their individual strengths and abilities, instead of being just a number on a spreadsheet.

That’s why we developed Wildlife Friends - stories, animations and resources featuring friendly creatures and their environments, that support learning about character, the environment and core skills like literacy and numeracy, all in one fun, friendly package for pre-school, reception and year 1 children.  The resources are curriculum linked and mapped, but add in an extra element, the eggs framework, which supports children, teachers and families in recognising and valuing skills and behaviours like: teamwork, positivity, resilience, creativity, and sustainable thinking.

The Wildlife Friends series are stories with a purpose. They aim to instil in very young children an independent, enterprising and adventurous spirit, whilst also helping them learn about the natural environment.


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Wildlife Friends club

Families and Teachers can join the free Wildlife Friends Club to receive regular updates, free resources and activity sessions, and for early access to new material.



Themed Resource Packs

So far we have developed a themed curriculum-mapped Reception/Year 1 resource pack for ‘Island Friends’ and this has been extensively tested with teachers (click below to see their comments). The Island Friends theme is ideal for a Spring term topic, and we’re currently developing autumn and summer term themes using Woodland Friends and Jungle Friends. For more information on these when they’re released please join the Wildlife Friends Club, and if you’re interested in using the Island Friends theme, use the Contact Form to send us a message.



School Visits, Events and Wildlife Activities

We are often asked to participate in School and Charity events, please get in touch via the contact form if you have an activity or event you’d like to work with us on. Click below to see some examples of projects we've worked on.



results & feedback

Click below to read comments and and see pics from readers, parents, educators and puffin fans…